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New Order

New Order have been my favourite band since they formed in 1980 (after Joy Division).

This post, is just a playlist of the New Order tracks (and one Electronic track!) I like the most. Some songs are live versions and others from their various albums. Featuring the new song "Be A Rebel".

Here is my selection of songs chosen from the official New Order YouTube channel:

  • Age of Consent (Official Music Video)
  • Bizarre Love Triangle (Live)
  • Blue Monday (Official Lyric Video)
  • True Faith (1987)
  • Sub-culture (Substance 1987 Edit)
  • Regret (Official Music Video)
  • Your Silent Face
  • Perfect Kiss (Live)
  • Bizarre Love Triangle (Official Music Video)
  • Confusion (Official Music Video)
  • Run (Official Music Video)
  • Temptation (Official Music Video)
  • Be a Rebel (Official Music Video)
  • Sub-culture (Live)
  • Ceremony
  • Procession
  • Everthing's Gone Green
  • Guilt Is a Useless Emotion
  • The Village
  • Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
  • Round and Round (Official Music Video)
  • 1963 (Official Music Video)
  • Here To Stay (Official Music Video)
  • Academic
  • Superheated (Official Audio)
  • Love Less
  • Crystal (Official Music Video)
  • Blue Monday (Live)
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)
  • World (The Price of Love)
  • Be a Rebel (Arthur Baker Remix)
  • State Of The Nation (Official Music Video)
  • Temptation (Live)
  • Be A Rebel (Bernard's Outlaw Mix)
  • Getting Away With It (Electronic  - Had to include this)

New Order Playlist

I hope you enjoy the selection.

What's your favourite New Order song? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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