Nextdoor app review.

I have just started using a cool app called Nextdoor.  Here is my profile link to confirm I am a member.  I have written a short review and what you can find on the neighbourhood app below.

Here is their logo to help you find them in the app stores:

A friend of mine recommended the Nextdoor app to me as I wanted to promote my website creation and spare pair of hands services. She said it was a perfect app for this type of thing, and she was right!

So what is the Nextdoor neighbourhood website and app?

Basically, Nextdoor is a private social network dedicated to the area that you live in to let you "tap into your neighbourhood".  It is a great way of finding out local information via the news feed.  Local information like events, jobs, crime alerts, that sort of thing.

For example, I live in Leamington Spa but you put in your postcode and you are connected to a specific area.  It associated my postcode with Leamington Old Town as I live near the bottom end.

What's on Nextdoor?

So what can you find on Nextdoor and what do I like about it?

What I like about this app is that you can:

  • Ask for recommendations for local businesses and services
  • List items to sell for free
  • List your local business services for free in the Neighbour Services section
  • Connect with local people from your area
  • Find local deals
  • Public services announcements
  • Lost and found listings
  • Create social groups

The app is really easy to use although I prefer the web based version for easier navigation (just personal preference).

The customer service is also excellent as I made an error in creating a business page with one email address, then tried to create a personal page with the same email.  It wouldn't let me so I had to contact them to delete the page so I could then use my primary email address. It only took 24 hours to sort out.

If you have not heard of the Nextdoor app I definitely recommend it as I have already had enquiries for my locally listed side hustle services from genuine local people.

People can contact you via direct message on the app if you are selling something or are offering a service. It works very much like Facebook (but not on such a large scale) and the other major social networks.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy using the app.