Non-Copyright Images, Photos & Backgrounds

If you are on the lookout for non-copyright images and photos to use on your website and blog then read on.

In this post I will recommend the best places to find public domain images, photos, backgrounds and illustrations you can use which are non-copyrighted.

Below are some links to websites that offer free for personal and commercial use images:

So, what does non copyright image actually mean?

In the words of Unsplash:

Every image can be used for free for both commercial and personal uses thanks to the Unsplash community's photographers.

Meaning you can use them for any online project and however you wish without being penalized for using the image or photo.

Check out Pixabay License for photos, illustrations and vectors usage here for further information.

And here for Unsplash License.

Here is a random selection of the free images and backgrounds you can find, click on an image to enlarge:

    There are literally millions of non-copyright and royalty free images to browse and use on the above websites.

    To see a much larger selection of the best free, non-copyright images please visit this post.  I have hand-picked and selected some awesome photos and images in different categories.

    The reason for this post is that you can search these websites for images for things like website headers, cool backgrounds, featured images and so on.

    There will definitely be something for you on these free image websites.  Just enter the keyword of the image you are looking for into the search and filter the image type.

    You can download the images in a variety of sizes, I recommend signing up to the websites as you then have a more convenient way of downloading them. You avoid captures etc.

    So, if you are on the search for non-copyright images hopefully the above free resources will help you find one for your project.

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