O2 Mobile Phone Contracts and SIM Only Review

O2 Mobile Phone ReviewO2 mobile phone contracts and SIM only review.

In this article I am reviewing the mobile phone network provider O2.

I have had experience of both a monthly contract tariff and a SIM only tariff with O2.

Are O2 any good?  Find out what O2 are like here.

O2 Monthly Tariff Review

I have been an O2 customer for a number of years, well in fact 5 now. The tariff I was on was the O2 refresh where you can upgrade at any time. I had unlimited minutes, unlimited texts with 1GB of data. This was just right for how much I used the phone.

The monthly cost of the tariff was pretty reasonable with the price of an iPhone 5S included.  You get an airtime bill and a phone plan bill on the O2 refresh option.

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About two months ago, I decided that I wanted to change my tariff, pay off my phone and move to a SIM only deal. Read on to find out what happened.

O2 Best Selling Handset Examples

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*O2 Best Selling Mobile Phones

O2 SIM Only Deals

So, after looking around for a cheap SIM only deal, I noticed the likes of Virgin Mobile, Tesco and Plusnet offering low-cost SIM only deals with around 1GB of data and unlimited texts and minutes.

With this in mind I decided to challenge O2 to see what deal they could offer me. I have to say their customer service was second to none. I began by using the O2 online live chat facility. My request was to pay off my monthly tariff, keep my iPhone 5S, current phone number and swap to a cheaper tariff.

Within 10 minutes I had paid my contract off, swapped to a SIM only deal which saves me £13 a monthly. My new allowance is unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 2GB. There is also the option to revert back to a monthly contract if I need a new phone after three months. All in all I was well impressed by the service.

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O2 Network Benefits

  • Good 4G signal coverage
  • Excellent apps called My O2 and O2 Priority
  • Mobile phone recycling with high value returns
  • Excellent customer service
  • Online chat function for support
  • Decent range of new and like new handsets
  • Competitive tariffs
  • Sim only and contract options
  • Easy to use website
  • Tell a friend scheme and get £40 Amazon e-vouchers

Would I recommend O2 to my family and friends? Most definitely.

The reason being is that they do look after you from a customer service point of view.  One other point is that I always have a very good 4G signal out and about.

Their mobile app (My O2*) is also very good with the O2 Priority app offering free competitions and very good deals.

Thanks for reading the O2 mobile phone contract and free SIM deals.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.