No photo tab on iTunes

No photo tab on iTunes? This can be very frustrating and annoyed me for ages when I first synced my iPhone*. It took me a while to find out how to do this.

Update October 2017 – this article was written in 2013 and iTunes has updated a lot since then. Here is a current screenshot to find the photos tab.

No photos tab in iTunes
So, I decided to write a short solution to this problem and to share this with people who are experiencing the same issue. I have included a couple of images to hopefully help you see the solution.

If you cannot find the photo tab on iTunes to sync your photos to your iPhone or iPad, the chances are your sidebar is hidden within the Apple iTunes software program. Read here for more information on the official Apple support page.

How To find the photo tab on iTunes

Go to “view” in the menu, then click “show” or “unhide” sidebar. When your device is connected you should be able to see the photo tab appear, see the after picture below for details.

Please see the illustrations to be able to view the photos tab in iTunes.

Before picture:

no photo tab on iTunes

Unhide the Sidebar, you will see the below screen after you click your attached device name. The photo tab should become visible:

After picture:


I hope this helps you find the photo tab on Apple iTunes.

If you have any questions relating to this short article please check out this article on the Apple website.