Pic Collages Using Google Slides Shapes

I have been messing about with Google Slides and put together 20 pic collages using different shapes.

If you are looking for free online photo collages to use and like the look of any on this page feel free to get in touch and I will change the permissions so you can download them all.  You will then be able to edit all of the photo templates for free.

The images used are free beach images from Pixabay.  Thanks to the photographers for the fantastic images.

Here are 5 examples of the online photo collages created:

The full set of pic collage templates can be viewed on this video:

At the moment I have set the collages to viewer only mode to prevent misuse.  If you are seriously interested in creating a pic collage using your own photos then this is perfect.

When you upload your own photos into the collages they fit perfectly into the shapes.  Once finished you can save as PDF, JPG or PNG to make them into a nice photo (of your photos!).

You do not need a Google account to view or edit once I give you permission.  If you do have a Google logon then you can email the finished collages to yourself or other people.

This is a fun and cool way to create a free online pic collage using the various shapes available in Google Slides.

Let me know what you think of them.

Here is the link for the collages.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you like the templates.

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