Planking Exercise for Beginners

Find out how to start planking as a beginner here.

A plank is a type of exercise to strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, neck, and abdominal muscles.

Here is an image of the basic blank position:

A forearm plank (most common type of plank) is whereby you lie down on your forearms and on your tip toes in a push-up position.  Your body’s weight is on your forearms elbows and toes.

The reason for this post is that I am starting a 30 day plank challenge myself.

Starting from scratch, I am going to follow the below 30 day plank timings:

Here is something amazing regarding planking!

Recently in the news I saw an article where an ex-marine broke the world record for the longest plank ever.  He held the plank position for over 8 hours! Read the full article here.

This short video shows how to plank and how the world record was broken.

If you want to know about planking for beginners, this article is for you.  Planking videos and pictures to help you begin.

Let me know how you get on and leave a message below.

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