Play a game of online chess against the computer here for free on Justin’s website and blog.

Playing chess has become more popular in recent times as people have been spending more time inside.

The internet allows you to play against a computer or another person in a multiplayer chess game.

I have decided to add a chessboard to my website.  This is for people to either learn how to play chess online or play against the computer.  Check the game out or further down the page for instructions on how to play.

Online Chess Game

How to Play the Online Chess Game

There are two options with this online chess game.  You can either play against the computer or as 2 players (A player with you in person).  The game has three difficulty levels to choose from.

White always starts the game.

To move the pieces, click on a chess piece and the available squares that piece can move will highlight.  Move the piece to the desired position.

This is handy if you are just learning to play chess.

If you are looking to learn how to play chess, feel free to contact me and I will help teach you.

Leave any comments below regarding chess.

Good luck!

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