PlayStation, Xbox, Games & Accessories

PlayStation, Xbox, games and accessories review and information.

In this particular article, I have decided to take a look at the latest PlayStation 4* and Microsoft Xbox One* gaming console deals, games and accessories.

Firstly, I am going to take a look at the current PlayStation models then the Xbox One.

PlayStation Consoles, Games and Accessories

There have been a number of PlayStation models made over the years but the current ones available are the PS4, PS3, PSP and PS Vista.

The latest PlayStation model is 4 with three different versions.

  • PS4 Original
  • PS4 Slim
  • PS4 Pro

Examples of the PS4 below:
Sony PlayStation 4
The PS3 is still available to buy. The models are:

  • PS3 Original
  • PS3 Slim
  • PS3 Super Slim

The PS4 gaming console is not just a console to play games on. You can connect to WIFI and connect to the internet which makes a PS a fantastic entertainment centre.

You are able to watch videos on YouTube, watch TV programmes on BBC or ITV players and movies on the Netflix app (subscription required).

PlayStation 4 Accessories

If you are an avid gamer then you may want to purchase some cool accessories for your PS4. A good range can be found here*. Check out the best selling PlayStation accessories below:

PlayStation Games

Here are some of the best PlayStation games currently available:

Best PlayStation Games

There are many PS4 games to choose from and way too many to list, but you can find some great deals and brand new bargains on eBay here*.

Xbox Consoles, Games & Accessories

Microsoft Xbox is also a very popular gaming console. The current models are Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox 360.

Here are examples below:

The Xbox One S is more a family console whereas the Xbox One X is a 4K gaming console which is very powerful. Like the PlayStation, you can connect the Xbox to WIFI and access many apps and cool stuff online.

For the latest Xbox One console bundle deals, please visit the Microsoft store on eBay*.

Xbox One Accessories

Here is a selection of some of the Xbox one best selling accessories:

xbox One accessories

You can find the latest Xbox One accessories like the above by visiting the official Microsoft store on eBay*.

Xbox One Games

There are tonnes of games to choose from to play on the Xbox one. Here are a few examples below:

Xbox One Games

Grab an official Xbox One game here*.

PlayStation 4 V’s Xbox One

I asked an upcoming gamer who has owned an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 some questions about the gaming consoles. If you are looking to buy a new console, you may be interested in the below.

What consoles have you owned?

I have owned an Xbox One and currently have a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Which do you like best Xbox One or PS4?

Definitely the PS4 Pro. It’s awesome!

What do you like about the PS4 Pro?

It is easy to use.  Really good free games from the PlayStation store.  I love the graphics, they are much better than the Xbox.  Loads of space to store stuff and it is quick.  PS4 controller is better because it’s smaller and easier to handle.  It’s good for Netflix and YouTube.

What are your favourite games?

Fortnite, Minecraft, Crash Bandicoot, Rocket League and loads more to be honest.

What are your favourite apps?

Netflix is my favourite and I look through the PlayStation store for free stuff.

PlayStation and Xbox Final Thoughts

In my opnion I think both the PlayStation and Xbox are both great consoles although the PS4 seems to be the more favourite with the people I have spoken with.

Thanks for reading the PlayStation, Xbox, Games & Accessories article today.