RGB to Hex Colour Converter

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If like me, you sometimes need to convert RGB to HEX colour, then I have come across a really handy tool that will do just that.

It is very simple to use with excellent results.

Below you will find a RGB colour converter. Simply enter the 3 RGB (Red, green, blue) colours into the widget and the HEX code will be displayed along with a sample of the colour itself.

As an example, I was looking for the HEX code to change the colour of the headings on my website.

I knew the colour code from my Windows paint program and needed the HEX code to input into my themes code.

Here is the effect of entering the RGB code for the orange colour I was looking for:


RGB: 247 139 30 HEX: #f78b1e

Give it a try for yourself.

RGB Colour Converter

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I would like to thank the widget creator for this very useful colour converter tool.