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Slimming world recipes, videos, syn free food and SW meal ideas.

Which foods to eat, syn values, how much exercise to do and other useful information when on Slimming World.

In this article I am going to share with you my (our, as my girlfriend is the brains) experience of Slimming World.

Slimming World Videos

Here you will find a selection of really easy to follow SW recipes and member success stories.

Slimming World News and Meal Ideas

To start with, I can honestly say I feel much better and not bloated at all whilst on SW. I still have treats and also drink a few beers at the weekend and still lose weight. I will share with you below how it’s done. If you have any questions please ask.

My partner and I are currently on our second time with SW and we have lost a combined 3.5 stones between us in 2 months. My partner has lost 2.5 stones in two months and I have lost just over 1 stone.

My partner goes to our local Slimming World group while I just eat the food and weigh myself each Thursday and make a note on paper to ensure I am on the right track.

I will also cover some lunch ideas to take to work, where to buy Slimming World meals from and some other information you may find useful. You will also find a selection of cool videos.

Slimming World Review

So, is Slimming World any good? In my opinion: Yes

It works very well if you follow the guidelines. Do I do a lot of exercise? Nothing in addition to cycling to work and back, 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back.

My partner walks a lot with her job but neither of us go to the gym, we walk the family dog on occasions and that’s all. We drink plenty of water, low sugar squash and diet coke.

Slimming World is basically a healthy eating diet with a controlled amount of food along with unlimited free food to eat. You cut out food that contains bad fat that you would normally eat and you have what are called “syns”. Syns are known as synergy.

Syns are known as treats on other diets. You are allowed 5-15 (25 for men) syns a day which can be biscuits and chocolate etc. Knowing how many syns are in a certain food is key to ensuring you stay within the limit.

As my partner attends the group she gets access to the food search syn calculator  app and website which is very handy.

Need to know how many syns are in a certain food? Get in touch!

So what foods should you eat on SW?

SW recommend eating a lot of free foods and speed foods, they have a set number of healthy A and healthy B foods.  Speed foods are very good for you and you can as much as you like without gaining weight.

You can find the definitive list of free foods and the health extras you can eat in this SW PDF. This a current list of free foods on SW from a very good website.  Google above in the search box “Slimming World PDF” for more information and lists.

As you will see from the list, it is packed with fruit, vegetables, white fish, types of meat and so on.

Low syn value snacks to enjoy

Here I will list a selection of low syn value treats I eat whilst on SW. These include chocolates, biscuits and so on. These are in no particular order.

Snack Food or Drink – Syn Value:

  • Curly Wurly 26g bar – 6
  • Nestle Mint Straws (sticks) – 2 per stick
  • Snack o Jacks Jumbo – Caramel 2, Chocolate 3, Salt & Vinegar 2
  • Walkers Quavers 16g bag – 4.5
  • Asda Dark Chocolate – 6.5 for 25g (have 4-6 chunks as a treat)
  • Nice Biscuits – 2 per biscuit
  • Malted Milk Biscuits – 2 per biscuit
  • Garibaldi Biscuits – 2 per biscuit
  • Chocolate Digestive Biscuit – 4 per biscuit
  • Low Fat Yoghurt Vanilla – 2.5
  • Greek Style Fat Free Natural Yoghurt – FREE
  • Amstel Beer 330ml – 4

Want to know more SW syn values? Get in touch for more information.

Is Slimming World food expensive?

To start with, you have to buy a lot of herbs and spices if you want to follow the SW recipes. But it is worth it.

We buy a lot of fruit, vegetables, meat, frozen SW meals from Iceland, water and so on.

The weekly shop is slightly lower in cost for us being on SW.

Slimming World Frozen Meals from Iceland

Iceland sell frozen SW meals exclusively. These are syn free and taste really nice and help you lose weight. They cost £3 each and you just put them in the oven or microwave.

Examples of the meals are Chicken Tikka Masala, Singapore Noodles, Paella and a lot more tasty ones. The recipe is on the back of each box so you can have a go at making the meals yourself.

Iceland also sell syn free sausages, soup and meatballs. It is definitely worth a trip to Iceland if you are on SW. There is a whole section for the meals. They also do chilled pasta salads, potato salads etc.

To see the official, full range of SW meals and food at Iceland, please click here.

Ideas for food to take to work

What about if you are on SW and want to know what to take to work? First thing, buy a number of plastic food containers.

This would be an example of my lunch at work:

  • Warburtons thins x 2 – spread with Laughing Cow light – ham, corned beef or some kind of meat
  • 5 cherry tomatoes, 5 fish sticks and a couple of gherkins
  • Fruit – apple, 2 satsuma, banana, container with grapes and melon in
  • Muller Light or other 0% fat yoghurt
  • Slimming World hi-fi bar
  • Mugshot – very low in fat (the sweet and sour one is the best)

As far as drink goes, I take one bottle of bottled water with low sugar juice in and a can of diet coke.

Other ideas instead of the thins are Melba toast or crisp bread with some Philadelphia on and cucumber, smoked salmon etc.- Take this in the tub and put in the fridge at work.

Slimming World Recipes

You can find a lot of SW recipes of places like Facebook, in magazines and on the SW app. To list all of the recipes would take a long time and would duplicate content already available. Click here to find a good selection of recipes.

Final Thoughts on SW

I have lost weight both times on SW. I feel much healthier, my belly is nearly flat again and I enjoy eating the meals.

I recommend SW to anyone who wants to lose weight.

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