Superdry New Season Review


Superdry new season* clothing, footwear and accessories review. The new season collection is here!

Superdry has been one of my favourite clothing brands for as long as I can remember.

With the new season virtually upon us I decided to take a look at the Superdry website.

I was interested to see what they currently have on offer for casual hoodies, jackets and t-shirts in particular.

In this article you will find a selection of my favourite items from the Superdry new season* collection. There are many new styles and new colours to choose from.

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Superdry Jackets

Firstly, I have been on the look out for a new Windcheater jacket, the iconic Superdry style of coat. After checking out the site I came across these:

New Season Superdry Jackets

The one I like the look of is the all navy one on the right. I have previously had a dark green and black one so I think the blue one is my next purchase. These jackets are very well made, keep you warm and are very good value for money.

Superdry T-Shirts

The second clothing type I was interested to look at was the new t-shirt range.

The Superdry t-shirts I have had in the past have been very good quality and fit really well.

The new season collection offer a lot of nice new vibrant styles of printed t-shirts. The ones I like are below:

New Season Superdry t-shirts

The t-shirts are very affordable with some great designs. You can check out the latest styles by clicking here*.

New Season: Superdry Hoodies

The next item of clothing I am looking for is a new casual hoodie either grey or navy colour. I am a big fan of Superdry hoodies as again, they are very good quality and are a great fit. I have owned one of the hoodies for about 8 years! They wear very well and last a long time.

After looking on the new season page, I liked the look of the below hoodies:

New Season Superdry Hoodies

The one I think I will go for is the far right one. Well smart-looking.

Click here* to check out the new Superdry hoodies.

Superdry Footwear

Finally, the last item I am on the look out for is a new pair of comfy flip-flops. When I was browsing Superdry I came across these:

New Season Footwear

I am definitely going to check these out in my local store.

So, as a final word, I think that the new season range at Superdry has some really cool new clothing, footwear and accessories and is well worth taking a look on their website and in store.

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Thank you for reading the Superdry New Season Review.