Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Accounts

Top 10 most followed Twitter accounts

Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Accounts now. Find out the top 10 most popular Twitter accounts to follow here. Check out the very latest tweets from the top 10 most followed Twitter accounts below. I recently decided to create a list which includes the most popular Twitter accounts so people could easily check out the tweets from these top 10 famous people. If you like to know what is going on with the most followed people on Twitter, read on. You can find the very latest tweets from the likes of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, Rihanna and more. The top 10 most followed Twitter accounts at the moment are: Katy Perry Justin Bieber Barack Obama Rihanna Taylor Swift Lady Gaga Ellen DeGeneres Cristiano Ronaldo YouTube Justin Timberlake The above top 10 list information was taken from Friend or Follow on the 01/08/2018 so apologies if this becomes out…
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Leamington Spa, Whitnash Website Service

Whitnash and Leamington Spa website creation services by Justin Callaghan

Leamington Spa, Whitnash website service by Justin Callaghan. Websites built using WordPress at a very low cost. Are you looking to upgrade an existing website or want your first website for a small business? Is your website looking tired and not secure and doesn’t have the green padlock showing in the web address bar? Do you want your website to rank high on Google so you get more customers? Do you want a low cost, fast loading and mobile responsive website that looks good on every device? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then I can help. My name is Justin from Whitnash and I create low cost websites for people of the Leamington Spa and Whitnash area. The types of website I create are primarily for small businesses, sole traders and other small organisations. To check out the very latest websites I have created…
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San Miguel, Birra Moretti & Amstel Pint Glasses

Birra Moretti Logo

San Miguel, Birra Moretti & Amstel Pint Glasses. Find out where to buy them here. I am a big fan of San Miguel, Birra Moretti and Amstel lager and always have a supply of bottles in the fridge ready for a BBQ or the odd one or five at the weekend ;-). As a fan of the above lagers, I have a pint glass for each of the brands in my cupboard. Nothing better than drinking the lager out of the official glass! If you are looking to treat yourself or buy someone a cool pint glass as a present, then you have come to the right place. We point you in the right direction to get yourself a San Miguel, Birra Moretti or Amstel pint glass. Below you can find the best place to buy San Miguel, Birra Moretti and Amstel glasses at very good prices. Pint Glasses to…
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What is WordPress? Tutorial, Forum & Review

Whitnash and Leamington Spa website creation services by Justin Callaghan

What is WordPress? Read on to find out… In this article learn how to install WordPress (CMS – content management system) onto a domain name*, find some useful tutorials, visit our forum and read a review of WordPress here. Incedently, if you are looking for low cost but excellent web hosting, please read this article. This is a review of the hosting company I use, Krystal Hosting. I have been using WordPress for a long time now and have had my website over 6 years. My review would merely be in a few words. The easiest and best way to get a website online! I use WordPress to create websites for friends or copy existing websites over to WordPress. With this in mind, I created a website solely to help people learn how to install WordPress, use and learn WordPress. You can find the website here. How to install WordPress…
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Postcard Packs for Schools, Organisations & Businesses

Cheap postcards for sales

Cheap, high quality postcard packs perfect for school projects, organisations and businesses alike. Today I am recommending an online shop called the Postcard Store. The Postcard Store is a family run business selling postcard packs and bright coloured envelopes and have their own online shop with Amazon and eBay stores. The reason for this article is that I have noticed a lot of schools and businesses looking to purchase postcards for various projects. Schools use the postcards in classroom activities whilst businesses may use them as a communication and thank you tool. With this in mind, I decided to point these types of customer in the right direction for some great packs of postcards! The packs of postcards come in 14 different ranges. You can find a wide variety of high quality images within each pack. Each postcard pack is sold in packs of 50 with 10 designs included and…
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What is a web browser?

What is a browser

What is a web browser? What is my browser? What are the best web browsers? Have you ever though to yourself, what is a web browser? You may have heard people talking about them but not entirely sure what they are. Funnily enough, you probably use a web browser everyday without even knowing it. If you own a computer, laptop or smart phone you will definitely be using a browser! So, let’s answer the “what is a web browser?” question and provide some examples of the best web browsers available to use. What is a web browser? Examples A browser is an application that allows you to visit websites on the internet. If you own an Apple Mac your browser will be Safari. If you own a windows laptop or PC your browser will be either Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. There are many other very…
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Carwow Review & Buying a New Car

carwow buy a new car

Carwow review and buying a new car from them. Are carwow any good? Find out here! If you are looking to buy a new car then you may not of heard of “carwow“*. I hadn’t until a friend of mine mentioned them. Apparently he saved over £2500 on a brand new car. In this review we give you a short overview of how carwow works*. But, if you don’t want to read the article you can check out the official carwow how it works video on their website here*. It is very easy to use carwow to buy a new car. You choose the car you are looking for, then you get offers from approved local and national dealers. You compare the prices, the location and the ratings of the dealers. Carwow takes all of the haggling out of the price. Carwow Reviews Don’t take my word that carwow is…
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Jet Ski for Sale

Jet Ski for sale on eBay

Jet ski for sale. If you are looking to purchase a jet ski then you may be interested in this article. Jet skis (personal water craft) are very popular at the moment and we think the best place to find one is on eBay*. There are currently over 124,000 entries for jet skis on eBay but this also includes things like trailers, engines and spare parts. Popular brands that make really good jet skis that feature on eBay are; Yamaha, Kawasaki and SEADOO. The name Jet Ski is the brand name of Kawasaki. Before purchasing a jet ski it is recommended to attend a training course first and have a go at a local jet ski centre. You will then know if jet skiing is for you. (Jet ski centres are not necessarily near the coast). Jet Ski for sale on eBay If you are interested in seeing what is…
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Royal Family Latest News, Tweets & Events

Royal Family latest news

Royal Family latest news, videos, photos and gossip. If you are a fan of the Royal Family and especially the Queen, then you can find out all about them here. We feature the very latest official Royal Family and Kensington Palace tweets below. It’s a great way to see what’s happening with our monarchy. Follow and find out more about the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan here. There are loads of Royal Family photos and videos to look at and watch here. Royal Family Latest News Tweets by Official Royal Family Thanks for reading all about the Royal Family, the Queen and Royal Wedding today.

Emmerdale Spoilers, News and Cast Gossip

Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale spoilers, latest news, videos and cast gossip. Find out the latest from the ITV soap Emmerdale here. We feature the latest tweets from the Official Emmerdale news feed to help keep you informed on what is happening in the dales. You can find Emmerdale videos, photos and loads of cool interactive content below. If you are looking for spoilers and the latest gossip then look no further. It is all here. Read on to find out more. Emmerdale Latest News Tweets by Emmerdale Thanks for reading the Emmerdale spoilers and latest news article. If you are a soap fan you maybe interested in what is going on in Coronation Street.