Things to do in Stratford Upon Avon

Welcome to this post relating to things to do in Stratford Upon Avon including information on car parking.

If you are planning on visiting Stratford Upon Avon, you may be wondering where to park for the day.

I have compiled a short list of the top three popular places to park with easy access to the centre of Stratford Upon Avon.

There are a number of car parks as you enter Stratford Upon Avon all in easy walking distance to the centre of Stratford’s town centre. They are close to the Avon river, pubs and restaurants, not forgetting Shakespeare’s birthplace and the Butterfly Farm.

Here are three very good and reasonably priced parking:

Bridgeway Multistorey Car Park
: Postcode is CV37 6YX and you can park 24 hours a day

Leisure Centre Car Park : Postcode is CV37 6YY – Long stay

The third car park is just past the Holiday Inn. This car park costs you £4 all day.

I do not know the exact name but when you enter Stratford Upon Avon drive passed the Leisure Centre. Just past the Holiday Inn is a sign which states All Day Parking £4. The postcode for the Holiday Inn is CV37 6YR. The car park is just on the right about 150 yards away.

Stratford Upon Avon Street Map

Stratford Upon Avon mapHere is a map of Stratford with some places to visit highlighted in orange on the map, the position of the map is just passed the Bridgeway Car Park: (Click on the map to enlarge)

If you are looking for things to do in Stratford Upon Avon here are a few things you may be interested in visiting as a family.

Recently we took a trip to Stratford, had a nice picnic by the river, visited the Butterfly Farm and the Mad Museum.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Stratford Upon Avon Butterfly farm:

The Butterfly Farm is the largest in Europe and has been around for over 30 years. They host a wide range of tropical butterflies as well caterpillars and insects. The Butterfly Farm is a nice place to visit but is very hot while walking round.

There is a gift shop also available. Here are some of the butterflies we saw on the way around:

Mad Museum Stratford:

The Mechanical and Art museum is located in Henley Street. The Mad Museum is a small yet crazy cool place to visit. The Mad Museum features inventions using mechanical type creations, a few can be seen below:

There are many places to visit in Stratford and one of the main attractions is Shakespeare’s Birthplace and other Shakespeare related buildings. The locations of these can be found on the above map.

Eating and drinking in Stratford is very nice and I recommend Carluccios restaurant on Waterside and The Encore Pub on the corner of Waterside.

There are a number of nice pubs in Sheep Street and other little cafe’s and places to eat all around the streets of the town centre.

The river area is really nice with updated seating areas next to the Theatre. The river basin where the barges park is very nice too with photo opportunities next to some famous statues.

Stratford Upon Avon is a nice place to visit for a day out with hotels located in the town centre such as a Premier Inn and Holiday Inn.

I hope you find this short article useful on Things to do in Stratford Upon Avon. Enjoy your trip to Stratford!