Top 10 Football Club Shirts

Top 10 football club shirts of the world.

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The below list is the top 10 football clubs as stated by Forbes.  We are featuring the football shirts to represent the top teams.

Top 10 Football Club Shirts on eBay

Below are the football shirts for the season 2018/2019 which when you click on the images (apart from the England and Customizing images) will take you to the official eBay listings of the shirts so you can grab your self a bargain!

The search results will list all the football shirts for the top 10 teams regardless of season.

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Manchester United

Manchester United Football Shirt

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich Football Shirt


Chelsea Football Shirt

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Football Shirt

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Football Shirt

Manchester City

Manchester City Football Shirt


Liverpool Football Shirt

England Shirts

England Football Shirts


Barcelona Football Shirt


Arsenal Football Shirt


Juventus Football Shirt

Customized Shirts

Customized Football Shirts

Here is the list of the top 10:

  1. Manchester United
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Barcelona
  4. Bayern Munich
  5. Manchester City
  6. Arsenal
  7. Chelsea
  8. Liverpool
  9. Juventus
  10. Tottenham Hotspur

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If you are a football fan, you may be interested in this article relating to the addresses of many UK football stadiums.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find a bargain football shirt*.