Top 5 Most Watched Twitch Streamers

Want to know who the top 5 most watched Twitch streamers are right now?

Find out the most popular ones below.

In this article you can check out (and watch) which Twitch streamers currently have the most views ranked by the total viewership hours.

The channels featured are correct as of March 2020.

I will keep an eye out each month to see which channels are in the top 5.  To check out the most popular streamers click on a channel on the right.

If there are not 5 channels showing on the right, it means that some of the top 5 streams are currently offline unfortunately.

Click on the small square icon within the stream to watch in full screen mode. (You probably know that but just in case you didn’t!).

Click one of the streamers to view their stream!

    The top 5 most watched channels include games and streams for:

    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Escape From Tarkov
    • League of Legends
    • Variety

    So, if you like watching popular Twitch streams, why not check out the most streamed here featured on Justin Callaghan’s random website.

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    Who is your favourite Twitch streamer?

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the Twitch streamers.

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