Trance Music Forums on Slack

Many years ago I set up a forum. It was called “Trance Music Forums“.

It was a place for like-minded people to share trance music productions and discuss this particular music genre.

Recently, I have created a new version of the forum using Slack. Slack is awesome as it allows people to send messages using hashtags. You can share links to tweets and YouTube videos easily, just copy and paste the link into a message and voila.

Joining Slack is very quick and easy.

As I am a trance music fan and love listening to vocal, uplifting and epic trance,  if you do too, please feel free to join us at:

Trance Music Forum on Slack

We feature the Amsterdam Trance Records uplifting and vocal live streaming radio stations available 24/7 as well as A State of Trance updates and episodes.

Please be aware that the forums are new and we are looking to start building a fresh new group as trance music is becoming increasingly popular these days.

This is a short and sweet post to invite anyone to join in the discussions and the community.

The link to join Trance Music Forums is here.

We look forward to seeing you on Slack.

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