Trance Music Forum and 24/7 Uplifting and Vocal Trance Radio Stations.

If you like uplifting or vocal trance music, you may have heard of Amsterdam Trance Records and RazNitzan Music. Of course, not forgetting A State of Trance.

A few years ago I hosted a forum called Trance Music Forum and quite a few people joined the community.  Today, I still listen to uplifting and female vocal trance music.  If you are a trance fan, feel free to leave a comment below or discuss the latest trance tracks out now.

For your entertainment, I have added the very best 24/7 live stream trance music radio stations provided by RazNitzan Music to the post. A big shout out to them for the live stream.  Thank you very much!

This is not a typical forum as you do not need to register to leave a comment.

Feel free to start any topic below, we do not share your email address with anyone, it is just to combat spam etc.

Thanks for visiting.

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Justin Callaghan · November 7, 2020 at 11:10 pm

Hi, Justin here, massive trance music fan from the UK. Where are you visiting from today?

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