Trance Music Forum and 24/7 Uplifting and Vocal Trance Radio Stations.

If you like uplifting or vocal trance music, you may have heard of Amsterdam Trance Records and RazNitzan Music. Of course, not forgetting A State of Trance.

A few years ago I hosted a forum called Trance Music Forum and quite a few people joined the community.  Today, I still listen to uplifting and female vocal trance music.  If you are a trance fan, feel free to leave a comment below or discuss the latest trance tracks out now.

For your entertainment, I have added the very best 24/7 live stream trance music radio stations provided by RazNitzan Music to the post. A big shout out to them for the live stream.  Thank you very much!

This is not a typical forum as you do not need to register to leave a comment.

To start the discussions, here are a few questions to start the conversation.

  • What is your favourite trance music tune at the moment?
  • What country are you visting from?
  • Who is your favourite female trance vocalist?

Feel free to start any topic below, we do not share your email address with anyone, it is just to combat spam etc.

Thanks for visiting.

PS: More forums can be found on my blog here.

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