Unit conversions quick view tool and random converters.

In this post I have created a spreadsheet featuring a unit conversion chart of popular weights, lengths, temperature and area.

This includes unit conversions for the following:

Kilometre to mile, inch to millimetre, metre to feet, feet to centimetre, grams to kilograms, kilograms to pounds, hectare to acre, radians to degrees and celsius to fahrenheit.

The conversions are displayed using Google Sheets and there is an example of the sheet below which you can scroll through (I am working on trying to display this in a better way as the headings are set to "freeze top row" on the sheet but do not work in the embed below at present).

To visit the full sized unit conversion chart and easy to read version please click this link.

Unit Conversions

If the particular conversion you require is not shown, please click this very handy tool available on Google.

Here are some quick links to other unit conversions:







Below are some more useful converters such as;

Height (feet and inches to cm), body weight, distance, another temperature converter, liquid volume, currency converter, an angle picker and driving distance calculator.

Random Conversion Tools

So, I hope this unit conversions post is of some use.  I created it to be a quick reference tool for anyone looking for popular conversions.

Thanks for reading.