Websites to Cure Boredom – I’m Bored

Hi!  So you are bored?

In this post I will feature some cool ways and a selection of websites to help cure your boredom.

If you have some time to kill and are feeling bored, I have some things on my website you might be interested in to pass the time.

Here are some ideas and links to some websites for when you are bored.

Create Your Own Online Jigsaw

Upload a photo to Jigsaw Planet and create a cool jigsaw for you or your friends to complete.  Full details can be found here.

Johnny Bravo Videos

A selection of very funny Johnny Bravo episodes are available on this page.

Dad Jokes

If you are bored, why not read some dad jokes.  Click here for the dad jokes.

During lockdown I created a couple of videos of me telling some jokes.  If you are really bored, the videos can be found on this page.

Free Online Classic Arcade Games

Below are a list of games you can play if you are bored.


Sonic the Hedghog

Mario Kart

Space Invaders

Angry Birds

Pingu Videos

If your kids are moaning they are bored, why not let them watch some Pingu videos.  There are plenty to choose from here.

Send an ePostcard

A while ago I made a template to send ePostcards to people via email using Google Slides and Google Drawings.  To use the free templates, check out this post here.

Bored Button (External link)

A very popular website to visit is the Bored Button.  The official website is here.

Pic and Photo Collages

Why not create a cool pic collage of your favourite photos using Google Slides? Full details and instructions can be found on this page.

Google Earth (External link)

Discover the world by visiting the Google Earth website.  Search for popular landmarks and see wonders of the world.  This is a cool website for when you are bored!

Sudoku Game

Play a free game of online Sudoku here.

Online Hangman Games

If you like to play a game of hangman, there are a number of different online hangman games to choose from here.

Google Arts and Culture (External link)

Explore and play games on the Google art and culture website.

I hope the above activities and websites go some way to cure your boredom!

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