What is a PAC Code?

What is a PAC Code and what does it do?

In this short article I will explain my recent experience using a PAC Code whilst moving my phone number from one mobile phone provider to another.

I wanted to leave O2 and move to giffgaff and keep my old number purely because it was a lot cheaper for the same amount of data etc. Transferring my number was easy enough to do.

Find out how below.

What does PAC Stand for?

Firstly, PAC stands for Porting Authorisation Code and is used to switch a phone number between providers. Your phone number will effectively leave your old sim card then appear on your new sim of the new provider. It does work!

So why do you need a PAC Code?

Secondly, you need a PAC Code if you want to keep your existing phone number but move mobile phone provider. A PAC consists of three letters and six digits. Keep it safe as you need to let your new provider know the code for the phone number to switch over.

How to keep your old number

You request the PAC from your existing provider when you want to leave them and then you supply the code you are given to the new provider.

It is as simple as that. Most mobile providers have a short form to fill in online to inform them of the number change request.

For more information, you can find a lot more information about what happens on the number transfer day here.

How long does it take to transfer my number?

So how long did it take to transfer my old number to the new sim from O2 to giffgaff?

Here is what happened and the rough timings of each event:

  1. I requested my PAC Code from O2 via their online chat and was text it a few minutes later.
  2. I then completed the online number transfer form at giffgaff and was given my transfer date which was the next working day.
  3. At 11am on the transfer day my old number stopped working on my O2 sim card. My new giffgaff sim card worked but with the new number. (Old number out of action for 8 hours)
  4. At 7pm that night I had a message from giffgaff stating my transfer was complete and my old phone number displayed in my account.  It took around 8 hours to switch.

Just for information, I had a bit of trouble with my iPhone displaying my old number again but worked that out in the end.  The solution for that is here.

So if you are thinking of keeping your phone number, it is a straightforward process and just takes a bit of time to switch from one sim to another.

If you require any more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Cheers for now.

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