What is a web browser?

What is a browserWhat is a web browser? What is my browser? What are the best web browsers?

Have you ever though to yourself, what is a web browser?

You may have heard people talking about them but not entirely sure what they are. Funnily enough, you probably use a web browser everyday without even knowing it. If you own a computer, laptop or smart phone you will definitely be using a browser!

So, let’s answer the “what is a web browser?” question and provide some examples of the best web browsers available to use.

What is a web browser? Examples

A browser is an application that allows you to visit websites on the internet.

If you own an Apple Mac your browser will be Safari. If you own a windows laptop or PC your browser will be either Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

There are many other very good browsers but not as well known. These are ones like Opera, Opera Mini, Vivaldi, or Brave.

Here are some popular web browser application icons:

What is a web browser

So, now you should be getting the idea of what a browser is. My favourite browser is Firefox.

With a web browser you can add your favourite websites to a bookmark menu or as favourites. This is very handy to keep the websites you visit in one place.

I hope this answers your question relating to what is a web browser.

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