White Gold Jewellery

Purely Diamonds

White gold jewellery or jewelry* for sale online.

In this particular article I am looking into white gold* jewellery (also spelt jewelry in the USA), including rings, necklaces, earrings and so on.

White gold* is made up of gold and a white alloy metal. It comes in different karats such as 10K, 14K and 18K, 22K and 24K. White gold is cheaper than pure gold but has become increasingly popular and looks very stylish.

Below you can find some examples of jewellery and links to purchase white gold with diamonds and sapphires etc.

White Gold with Diamonds

Here is a selection of white gold rings with diamonds included.

White Gold Rings

First off are wedding*, eternity* and engagement* ring examples. You can view a huge range of affordable white gold rings with diamonds* online on the official eBay store.

A very good London jewellers for white gold can be found at Purely Diamonds*. Here are three of their beautiful diamond rings for sale.

Shop by stone type such as sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, ruby or by your ring size here*.  Please remember, when shopping on eBay please make sure you review the seller’s reputation and recent feedback is around 99% or 100%.

White gold rings

Diamond Style Collection

Here are some white gold rings available from Diamond Style* in London:

white gold diamond rings

White Gold Necklaces

White gold necklaces* are a lovely gift to give your friend or loved one. The prices are very reasonable and you can find some very nice styles and designs to choose from.

Here is a selection of necklaces made from white gold with or without pendants:

White gold necklaces with pendants

White Gold Earrings

The last type of white gold jewellery we are showcasing are earrings*.

Here are some lovely examples of what’s on offer on eBay*, perfect as gift or present ideas:

White gold earrings

So, if you are looking for white gold jewellery, I recommend checking out eBay* for over 30,000 different types and styles and very good prices.