In this short post, I will show you where to find, and how to use the word count function in Google Docs.

This is particularly useful when you need to know how many words you have written for an essay or blog post for example.

I am a fan of Google Docs as there are some useful tools available to use for free. One of those is the word count feature.

Here is how to set things up to count your words within a Google Docs document.

Open a new blank document or click this link to access one already made.

Navigate to Tools then to Word count (second option down), see below:

You will see this window appear:

Make sure to check the bottom tick box. The word count is then displayed at the bottom of your document as you type.

This is super handy as you will know how many words you have written.

So, there you go.

Hopefully, this short article will help youto see the word count on Google Docs.

All the best.


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