Workplace Music Playlists No Ads!

Create a free music playlist for at work (or for personal use) and listen without any annoying ads you hear on the radio or YouTube!

Read on to find out how to create a workplace playlist for free.

Music playlists for work

So, where I work we stand at packing stations for up to 4 hours at a time and are allowed to listen to music. One day whilst listening to the radio, I got so annoyed listening to the same adverts over and over again and songs I didn't really like, I turned the music off!

I then had a light bulb moment.

Why not create a YouTube playlist of music videos that lasts about 4 hours long that I like, then embed the playlist into my website.

No YouTube or radio adverts what-so-ever, just songs that I want to listen to in a handy playlist.  I shared this idea with some friends at work and they loved it.

How to create a free workplace playlist

If you have access to a computer to play music over WIFI at work then this is for you (you can obviously listen using your smartphone too).  It is totally free to create a playlist and is driven by YouTube. The songs play automatically when the previous one has finished and there are ZERO adverts during playback on my site.  It's an awesome way to listen to your favourite tracks.

Example playlist image:

The music videos appear in a grid.  Once you have pressed play on the first video the rest will play.  Please note, if you have a lot of videos (over 30) and see Load More at the bottom of the page, please click or tap this before playing so all songs play. If you don't do this, the first ones in view will play only.

How to add YouTube music videos to a playlist

Here is how to get your own music playlist page featured on my website just like this one.

  1. Create a free YouTube/Google account
  2. Choose a music video (official music videos are best), hit save then create a new playlist
  3. Keep adding music videos to your playlist
  4. When you are happy with your playlist, send me the URL (link) and I will create a page for you on my site with your playlist added

Your playlist will be added to a new page on my website the same day as you send me the link.  You can add or remove the music videos via YouTube and you can add an unlimited amount of songs to the playlist (however many YouTube allow).

You can find examples of music playlists on my website under Music in the navigation menu.

So, if you are interested in creating a workplace music playlist without annoying adverts, please feel free to contact me.

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