Before I begin, let me explain the reason behind this post about writing a will online*.

Firstly, the current coronavirus situation leads us all to think differently in these challenging times.

Also, my very own personal circumstances are changing in the near future and I feel it is the right time of my life to write a will.

I searched online for “how to write a will online” and one particular will writing service caught my eye. The company are called Kwil*.  Their slogan is “A Simpler Way to Write a Will”.

The first thing I do when researching and reviewing a company online, is to check the latest reviews. This online will writing company has got 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. I looked in more detail about what is so special about them.

Here is a summary of what they offer you:

  • £90 for a single person will
  • £120 for a couple’s will
  • Checked by experts
  • You can call them and arrange the will over the phone
  • It is easy to create
  • You can make unlimited changes
  • Quick to write the will in as little as 20 minutes
  • Simple to use

What You Need to Write a Will

To write a will online* you must be over 18 years of age, in sound mind and live in England or Wales to use this service.

You will need to print the will off and must have two witnesses and yourself sign the will.

With the current coronavirus restrictions and social distancing mesaures in place this maybe slightly tricky.  But, if you check out their website they explain how this can be done. (Click any image to visit their website).

For further details on writing a will online, feel free to read this handy full length featured guide.

So, if you are looking to write a will for yourself, then this fantastic online will writing service* maybe something you should consider.

As a reminder, the service is provided for by Kwil, and you can find their website here:

Thanks for reading and I hope your find the recommendation useful.

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